Services Provided
Usability Research, User Interface Design, Industrial Design, Ergonomic Analysis, Materials Analysis and Selection, Engineering, Tool Ready 3D CAD Creation

Awards Received
DesignArts Utah Award

The Story:

Easton came to us with the goal of producing a new trekking pole. At the time, there were a few other companies making shock absorbing or vibration dampening options, so it was important to familiarize ourselves with and avoid technologies that had already been patented. Additionally, Easton wanted to solve a problem for every trekker: that poles needed a special tool to adjust their length.

Two solutions came from this, the Vi-Brake CTR-80 grips, and the Rock Lock System. The Vi-Brake insulates the grip from shock-transfer in all directions by suspending the pole in a TPE casing. Compared to a standard single-axis linear spring shocks that can only move one way, the Vi-Brake reduced stress on the hand and wrist for more hours of comfortable trekking.

Because trekking poles are exposed to such varied temperatures as desserts or alpine snow, the material of the pole and the fastening mechanism can expand or contract, changing the tension provided at adjustable areas. The Rock Lock System introduced a quick release solution into this environment by integrating an over-center arrangement to secure each section of pole with a screw actuated by the thumb tab to adjust the provided tension.

Now hikers can trek for longer without fatigue, and adjust their poles for caning, climbing, or striding without the fear of losing their tool along the way.