Services Provided
Color Studies, Industrial Design, Rapid Prototyping, Engineering, Tool Ready 3D CAD Creation

The Story:

The Zubi Flyer is a discus that incorporates a programmable circuit board and LEDs to teach kids about programming while also encouraging outdoor play. Fuze Play had a prototype of their Zubi Flyer when they came to us. However, the interior circuitry was hard to access, and the accompanying tools needed user interface and ergonomic analysis for further development.

To keep the disc sturdy enough not only to be thrown around but also to stand up to the rigors experienced by any child’s toy. To keep weight down, a three piece arrangement was utilized where the circuitry, battery, and lights float in between the discuss and outer casing. The form kept the profile low and gave the user easy access to the programming aspect of the toy.

The tools involved in programming began with two: a screwdriver for access to the circuit board, and a magnetic wand used for communicating with the board. From a cost standpoint combining these two into one unit saved money on manufacturing, and the back end was easier to manage with one less SKU. The user benefited from less parts to keep track of.

By introducing programming at a young age, Fuze hopes to equip children with the skills necessary to find success through innovation. In bringing together the learning of computer programming with familiar toys, we facilitated technical education through the the tried and true method of play.