Services Provided
Usability Research, Industrial Design, Engineering, Tool Ready 3D CAD Creation

The Story:

Easton’s desire in working together for their Arsenal Quiver was to keep weight and size to a minimum while maximizing functionality and manufacturability. We started with the bare function of a quiver, and looked to how the modern archers interfaced with the object to guide the overall form.

Quivers started out as pure storage – baskets that held additional arrows. In order to have more success hunting, isolating each arrow quiets the archer’s movement by eliminating jostling and rattling. It also gives them haptic feedback for how many shots are remaining. The Arsenal Quiver’s ergonomic grips adjust to do this for arrows of any shaft size. In order for the quiver to deliver the highest level of functionality to every user it was clear that it needed to be modular. The Arsenal quiver has 3 different configurations allowing choice depending on the scenario of use. Additionally the point of connection to the user is fully customizable.

The Arsenal Quiver’s convertible versatility for running a lightweight, one-piece setup or choosing a more stable two-piece configuration as well as its easy detachment from the bow for hassle-free transport and storage were patented through our development process.